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The Identity and Address verification can be combined with our state of the art Id Scanning and Face Match technology. This way you can use the ID scanning to extract the information and then the ID verification to verify at the source the content of the document.


221 Real Estate platform is connected to OVER 10,000's Data Sources across the globe to provide instant Identity and Address Verifications of over 4 Billion people

1. Deeper Coverage

Through our 221 Real Estate Partners, we provide access to more data source types and input elements. This combination of input and sources allows us to provide better match rates.

2. Hand Selected Partners

We have searched the world to find local partners who speak the language, understand the regulatory environment, and cater to local customers in order to provide the most reliable and up-to-date results.

3. Real-Time Data

We are not aggregators of personal ID information. The data we provide lives on our partners’ servers, allowing us to give our customers access to identity data that gets refreshed more frequently.

221 Real Estate Unique Stacked Data Search Approach

221 Real Estate data verification uses a “Stacked” approach to route the search through all available resources within each country. Automating this process through 1Dossier provides instant access to all the available data sources with one single request.


Save time and money

Save time and money by requesting the tenant to verify themselves with our automated process flow. It provides your agency full RGPD compliance while getting the information that you need.


Fast and Accurate

With 221 Real Estate global data coverage, tenants can apply in any country with an overseas residency and instantly verify their address and Identity from 1000’s of databases.


Risk Management

Reduce your risks with 1Dossier verification system instant results “match” or a “not match.” This information is automatically and immediately made available to the real estate agent.


Get the right Tenant

Tenant verification data allows you to comply with KYC and AML requirements but most importantly allows you to reduce your risks and find the right tenants.

Who can use 221 Real Estate Data Verification platform



221 real Estate enables you to verify ALL parties in each transaction and satisfy this need with minimal friction to the customer or to regulatory needs.


Real Estate

With 221 Real Estate, Real Estate companies are given access in real time to verified tenants data.


Sharing Economy

Using 221 Real Estate, digital platform can quickly verify users while not increasing friction in the customer onboarding process.

221 Real Estae unique Trusted Consortium Network of the world’s best data and technology suppliers provides immediate access to KYC, AML, CTF, PEP solutions from One Account, One Platform & One API.


Regardless of where you are in the world, get in touch today with one our onboarding and verification specialist.

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