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Do you want to create or optimize your presence on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Instagram?

Know the existing social networks

There are many social networks today … what are they for? Which are suitable for your needs? Do you have to be present on all or communicate effectively on one or two of these networks is enough? Together, we will make an overview of all these networks to better know and understand them.

Know how and when to communicate on your networks

The vocabulary used and the way of communicating are specific to each of these networks. How to adapt and talk about your strengths? Why, how and when to link the different social networks? We will see together which tools will allow you to have an efficient and profitable presence.

Create and configure your profiles

If you don’t already have the right profiles, we’ll take the time to create them together. Then, we correctly configure these (presentation fields, photos in suitable formats, etc.) so that they are understandable and ready to be used for effective communication.

Measure statistics and feedback from your presence

Learn how to analyze the statistics of your presence on social networks and know the impact of these. You can thus determine the typical profile of your customers and optimize the publication of your messages to reach a larger audience on each of the networks.

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