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Property Valuation - Italy

221offers a unique tool for the Italian market.

Punctual, effective and complete: the dossier includes all the documentation and mandatory checks to carry out the deed without problems, but also a broad and complete analysis of the property, its market value and the housing context. A competitive advantage that allows you to optimize your work and offer a tangible service to the customer, saving time and improving your offer.

Characteristics of the housing context and of the building

Extensive analysis of the urban, residential and social context of the area, enriched by a description of the real estate, architectural and construction characteristics of the building (or condominium) that houses the property, complete with dimensional data, peculiarities and a list of condominium services.

Characteristics and description of the real estate unit

To know everything about the property in question: position, exposure, boundaries, dimensional data, but also architectural and construction characteristics, equipment and systems, related services, with a photographic report and the verification of all the surfaces carried out by a technician during the site inspection.

Property valuation and market analysis

Thanks to a detailed analysis of the property and a comparison with the reference market, a professional evaluation is determined that takes into account international standards and guidelines also recognized at the banking level in the event of a loan application.

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