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290,00690,00 / month

EMAIL MARKETING - 1 email blast per week
EMAIL MARKETING - 2 emails per week
EMAIL MARKETING - 3 Emails per week

Grow Your Business with Effective Email Marketing Strategies

Emarsys reported that 81% of small and midsize businesses rely on emails for customer acquisition, while 80% of them use them for retention.

Are you looking for ways to increase your customer base?

Want to maximize revenue-generation from your e-commerce website?

221 Real Estate can create a comprehensive email marketing plan for you. Reach out to your target market and watch your website leads and sales increase as a result!

Here are some of the amazing benefits you can avail by choosing 221 Real Estate’s Email Marketing services:

  • Greater conversion rates
  • High ROI from engaging with your subscriber list
  • Broader outreach that allows you to hyper-target users
  • You can share dynamic marketing campaigns with your customers
  • Pitch products & provide useful information
  • Communicate your brand’s personality effectively
  • Use analytics to your advantage

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