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221 Real Estate is about making your life as easy as possible and for that we have formed partnerships with exceptional companies to assist you in buying or selling properties.

221 Real Estate is a proud partner of Affida, a leading Italian mortgage provider. By using 221 agents you can benefit of our relationship with the opportunity to get your dream property or investment financed.

221 Real Estate has exclusively partnered with a world leader for high value real estate and other asset transactions within the luxury market. Idoneus is digitalizing the purchase, sale and rental process for luxury properties, commercial real estate and other assets with a cryptocurrency called IDON.

221 Real Estate is a proud partner of Enness Global Mortgages. Enness is a global mortgage provider for high value mortgages. With a 221 clients can benefit from our relationship almost anywhere in the world.

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Extend Your Reach, Connect & Grow Your Business with 221 Luxury Network. 221 only works with the world's best agents, brokers, brands and their curated luxury's assets & portfolios.


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