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We live in an era of connectivity and the consumer real estate and lifestyle marketplace is no exception. Businesses are expected to not just meet the needs of customers but anticipate and exceed them.

Real Estate and Lifestyle searches are made in silos through individual websites with little or no relevancy.

221 is harnessing the power of analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to retrieve the information the consumer is REALLY looking for across the entire Internet.

Hyper-personalization is the most advanced way to deliver tailored data to individual customers. It’s done by creating custom and targeted experiences through the use of geospatial data, analytics, AI, and automation.

Through hyper-personalization, 221 delivers highly contextualized Real Estate and Lifestyle search results to specific customers at the right place and the right time.

221 Hyper-personalization is an advanced and real-time customization of listings designed to perfectly match each customer and deliver tailor-made content in real time.

Discovery – 221 source and combine traditional, behavioural and geo-location data to uncover meaningful insights about customers such as their locations, preferences, interests, and needs.

Decision – 221 advanced analytics models produce propensity scores for each customer and define the probability of an individual responding to a specific listing, or engaging with specific content.

Distribution – 221 uses customer scores to trigger personalized Real Estate content, Lifestyle experiences and services offers.

Recommendation engine

221 delivers Real Estate properties, Lifestyle and Services listings tailored to the individual customer’s needs or wants and geo-location.

Custom and relevant advertising

221 delivers advertisements that are unique to the consumers with dynamic and customized data.

Pre-populated applications

Using existing customer data 221 pre-populate any Real Estate applications, documents or enquiries.

Loyalty programs and re-engagement

Using customer interest, micro segmentation, and geospatial data 221 send highly contextualized offers and messages.

Omnichannel experience

Using AI technology 221 recognize and connect customers to buyers, sellers, products and services within one single application.

Technology for everyone…

221 Virtual Assistant provides customers with fast, consistent and accurate answers across their search. Using AI, 221 Virtual Assistant learns from customer conversations, improving its ability to resolve issues the first time while removing the frustration of jumping from site to site.

  • No typing required, simply talk to the “Virtual Assistant”
    • How much is this house for sale?
    • Give me the history?
    • What will be the average rental?
    • Compare price against all the other houses in the area? And more…
  • Natural and multilingual speech recognition
  • No Multiple Portal Search, 221 pull the entire internet to your phone
  • No need to know the Street name you are in, simply walk
  • No annoying Advertising, only relevant and tailored recommendations
  • No frustration with tedious searches and unhelpful results

Is there any homes for sale in this street?

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221 curates around the world high quality and unique properties for discerning home buyers and investors.