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Archives for Infrastructure & Encryption

Ethereum Blockchain

221 Real Estate uses an Etherum private blockchain. Hence, nodes participating in transactions are authenticated and authorized machines within the organizational network. Ethereum is a programmable blockchain – it allows 221 Real Estate to create operations, coded as Smart Contracts, deployed and executed by the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) running inside every node. A blockchain is a distributed computing architecture where every node runs in a peer-to-peer topology, where each node executes and records the same transactions. These transactions are grouped into blocks. Individual user interactions (transactions) with the ledger are append-only, immutable, and secured by strong cryptography.

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AWS Enterprise Hosting

Enterprise websites need to dynamically scale resources and be highly available to support the most demanding and highly trafficked websites. 221 Real Estate websites / apps use multiple AWS services and span multiple data centers (called Availability Zones). 221 Real Estate is built on AWS to provide high levels of availability, scalability, and performance.

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Encryption of Personal Data

All the data is encrypted on the server. Only the Agents receiving the access rights from a tenant can see the data.
Server-side encryption protects data at rest. 221 Real Estate encrypts each object with a unique key. As additional protection, he encrypts the key itself with a key that it rotates regularly. Our server-side encryption uses one of the most powerful block encryption available, the advanced 256-bit encryption standard (AES-256).

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Data Transfer

During the transfer of customer data, the data is encrypted in transit between the computer, phone or tablet and 221 Real Estate servers with Sectigo which provides 256-bit encryption. Before issuing any EV certificate, the CA must perform a specific, audited authentication process using techniques that are proven effective over more than ten years of industry-wide use. The company name in the branded address bar indicates that the identity of this site operator is highly trusted information and reveals the specific identity of the company operating the site.

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