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Affida Mortgage Solutions

221 Real Estate is a proud partner of Affida, a leading Italian mortgage provider. By using 221 agents you can benefit of our relationship with the opportunity to get your dream property or investment financed.

why affida.

The president Stefano Grassi, has been in the mortgage world for over twenty years and with a team of over 200 trained professionals they work hard every day to give you the best mortgage.

With the experience and knowledge of the mortgage industry, Affida has one of the strongest Italian banking recognition and offer unparalleled service to its clients.

3 easy steps.


Select properties the fit your requirements on 221 website.


Tour the properties with a 221 agent “In person” or “Virtually”


Ask your 221 agent to work with Affida and Affida will take care of the rest.

With 221 and Affida banking partners you will get the best solutions available on the market. Affida will take care of the entire procedure for you.

some of Affida banking partners.

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